The Climb To Gold

I haven’t had much free time this month to play League of Legends but I am doing well so far. I’m going to try and reach Platinum V before the end of November or whenever Season 4 ends. If I do get to Platinum, that would mean that I got there in less than 12 months playing!

The Aatrox Carry

Gold 5

Aatrox Jungle Carry

Aatrox Jungle Carry

Thank You Teemo

Thank You Teemo

Silver V Division

I was not quite satisfied with being Bronze 1. I earned enough LP to do another placement and I won the first 3 games out of 5 and become Silver V within two days of being bronzes. I personally think I deserve to be in the gold division but I’ll have to play a few more games to see how the next placement goes.

Talon's Blades Silver Division 5

Talon’s Blades Silver Division 5

First Time Sejuani

It was my first time playing Sejuani today because I needed five wins as a tank for the team builder icon. Sejuani was quite fun but I feel like she needs the blue buff early game or else she lags behind fast. Here are the end game results.

First Time Sejuani Jungling

First Time Sejuani Jungling

Free My Ninjas

Seven days ago, I revealed, a project of mine that will allow people to sign up for free daily samples, coupons and contests. I am dedicated to helping companies and potential customers find one another through my website. I will be updating and advertising Free My Ninjas daily so support the website!

The Official Navubi.Com Release

Heya! It has been an enduring three years since I registered There has been so much calculations and development into numerous projects under the brand “Navubi” that I want to start releasing these projects soon. I cannot guarantee that every project will be successful but with arrangements in motion, I am not worried. I am however, happy that I can finally start working on websites again.

Everyone’s support has been a great motivation for me. I would like to thank everyone who has supported me so far. The donations have helped a lot and I will repay everyone for their kindness as soon as I can.